HOTC Dog Fair 2022
Monte Sano State Park - September 24, 2022


´╗┐Agility is a sport which blends training and athletic ability.  Dogs negotiate a complex course that may include such obstacles as A-frames, tunnels, jumps, weave-poles, and teeter-totters.  Speed is important, but since the dogs must complete the course in a specific order, they must also be responsive to their handler's hand signals and verbal commands.  This is a sport that dogs seem to enjoy just as much as their handlers!

Here at the Dog Fair, you'll have the opportunity to watch dogs at various levels of training run through an agility course.  Then you and your dog can give some of the training obstacles a try.  Experienced volunteers will be on hand to assist in safely introducing your dog to each piece of equipment.

If you've ever wondered about whether agility would be a sport that you and your dog might enjoy, here's your chance to find out!


At 9:00, 10:30, and 12:00 there will be Agility Demonstrations of trained dogs running competition agility courses.

Public Participation

Following each of the Demonstrations you will have an opportunity for your dog to try out the equipment used for beginning agility training during Let Fido Try Agility ! sessions. Sign up for a session at the Agility Ring.

For More Information About Agility

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