HOTC Dog Fair 2022
Monte Sano State Park - September 24, 2022



Rally Obedience

´╗┐Obedience training is the cornerstone of the successful integration of a dog into his family and community, and plays a huge role in many of the venues presented at the HOTC Dog Fair. 

Visit the Training, Obedience, Rally, Dog Show for Kids, & Manners Ring at 9:45 and watch dogs heel, jump, retrieve and recall with joy and precision! The Obedience Demonstration will showcase HOTC dog/handler teams performing exercises ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Learn how the skills shown develop from the most basic obedience commands, and just how useful these exercises can be.

In the Freestyle ring, you can see obedience skills integrated into awesome trick routines set to music in the Music on the Mountain performance at 10:00.  

Obedience skills will come in handy when you and your dog negotiate a Rally Obedience course in the Training, Obedience, Rally, Dog Show for Kids, & Manners Ring. These courses include basic skills that you might encounter while out and about with your dog, like sits, downs, and turns. The course will open at 10:30 and again at 1:30, and experienced HOTC volunteers will be on hand to answer questions and offer guidance and assistance.

And at the Canine Good Citizen® Ring, dogs can attempt to achieve certification by demonstrating obedience in a number of different situations.  Even agility requires obedience, since a dependable 'Stay' and a reliable 'Recall' are both important if a dog/handler team is to succeed in competition. 

HOTC is a proponent of positive training methods which are effective, easy to understand, and fun for both the dog and handler.  The end result is a happy, relaxed dog who enjoys working, both on leash and off.  You can get help solving problems and learn about some of the training methods used at HOTC at the Let's Train Manners session at 12:30 in the Training, Obedience, Rally, Dog Show for Kids, & Manners Ring. Classes are offered at all levels of training, please visit the HOTC website for more details.


At 10:00 it's time for the freestyle performance of Music on the Mountain, which features a number of awesome doggie dancing routines.


At 9:45 HOTC Club members will conduct an Obedience Demonstration in the Training, Obedience, Rally, Dog Show for Kids, & Manners Ring. Stop by, watch, and ask questions too.

Public Participation

At 9:00 in the Drop in Anytime Training Q & A and Problem Solving sessions in the Training, Obedience, Rally, Dog Show for Kids, & Manners Ring you can get answers from an expert trainer on your dog's specific problems, including jumping on people, pulling on the leash, nipping, barking, house-training issues, counter-surfing, etc. Most problems can be corrected with consistency, good communication, and some common sense. Come learn how!

At 10:30 and 1:30 you will have an opportunity to try your dog handling skills on the Rally Obedience course with help from experienced Rally handlers. Prizes will be awarded to all who try.

At 12:30 learn how to train your dog in the Let's Train Manners session. You can get help with your problems in Let's Train Manners and you can get an introduction to the techniques taught in HOTC's Manners 101 training classes.

Canine Good Citizen® testing will be conducted from 9:00 to 3:00.

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